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The 2018 SCWG Spring CTW will be held at McCrady Army National Guard training facility in Eastover, SC from 23 Feb 18 to 25 Feb 18.

This year the CTW will focus on continuing our consistency in training vision that was started at the 2017 Staff Training Academy. We will also be working on creating learning videos that squadrons can use during their meeting leadership blocks and as a means to prepare their cadets for Encampment.

The cadet and senior staff applications are now open for the Spring CTW and will run from 20 Nov 17 to 1 Jan 18.

Positions that can be applied for:
Cadet Flight Staff – Flight Commander, Flight Sergeant
Cadet Support Staff – Logistics, MWR, Safety, Kitchen, Medical, PAO/Admin
Senior Staff – TAC, Admin, PAO, Medical, Kitchen, Logistics/MWR, Safety, Class Instructor, Chaplain

*NOTE* – Squadron Commanders and the First Sergeant will be selected from the Flight Commander and Flight Sergeant applicant list.

Staff Applications
Cadet Staff Application (Sends email upon submission)
Senior Staff Application (sends email upon submission)

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Capt Davis at george.davis[at]