Happy New Year,

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. The SCWG Spring CTW will be held at McCrady Army National Guard training facility in Eastover, SC from 31 Mar 17 to 2 Apr 17.

This year the CTW will focus on laying the foundation for our basic cadets to progress in the cadet program and training our more advanced cadets for increased responsibilities in their squadrons and at wing activities.

The cadet and senior staff applications are now open for the spring CTW and will run from 10 Jan 17 to 21 Jan 17.

Current CTW Staff
CTW Commander – Major Joshua Cunningham
CTW Commandant of Cadets – 2nd Lt Dana King
CTW Cadet Commander – c/Major Noah Eudy

Positions that can be applied for:
Cadet Flight Staff – Flight Commander, Flight Sergeant
Cadet Support Staff – Logistics, MWR, Safety, Kitchen, Medical, PAO/Admin
Senior Staff – TAC, Admin, PAO, Medical, Kitchen, Logistics/MWR, Safety, Class Instructor, Chaplain

Staff Applications
Cadet Staff Application (Sends email upon submission)
Senior Staff Application (sends email upon submission)

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Capt Davis at george.davis[at]scwgcap.org