Good afternoon,

I know this is late notice but I need cadets who have been slotted as a primary for a summer NCSA to pay close attention to this post and follow the directions exactly. There is scholarship money available to help offset the cost of attending the NCSA(s).

Cadets who have been slotted as a primary for a summer NCSA will write an essay covering the following topics:

1)Why do you want to attend the NCSA?
2)What do you hope to learn?
3)How will the NCSA enhance your cadet experience?
4)How can you use what you learn at the NCSA to enhance your squadron?

I’m not going to set a length for the essay. I’m looking for how much thought is put into each of the topics I’ve listed for you. When you send me your essay, please let me know which NCSA you need assistance in attending.

Once I’ve received all the letters, a three person review board will discuss the essays and then make our selections. Squadron commanders will be notified about selected cadets.

Essays are due to me no later than 24 Mar 17.

My email address is george.davis[at]